Bacon Egg Drop Soup [Stop Motion Video Recipe]

My love for egg drop soup runs deep. So does my love for bacon. Whose does not, amirite? When I initially found this bacon egg drop soup dish from mynameisyeh, I was over the moon delighted! 2 of my preferred things joined as one. Huzzah! Molly, you’re a goddamn genius. It’s individuals like you who make the world a much better location.

The spices and bacon blend together to develop a depth of taste that is genuinely incredible. The very best part though? It’s exceptionally simple to prepare … like Leading Ramen simple. I keep in mind the very first time I whipped this up for centers and my MIL, they presumed I had actually put hours into gingerly doting on a simmering pot all day. Jokes on them! In less than 30 minutes you can have homemade egg drop soup on the table.

I ensure that it’s much better than any egg drop soup you’ll get at a dining establishment. Why? Due to the fact that bacon.

It’s truly a match made in paradise.

Bacon Egg Drop Soup [Video Recipe] #bacon #eggdrop #soup #keto #lchf #lowcarb #mynameisyeh #mollyyeh< img class=" aligncenter size-large wp-image -766 "src=" Bacon-Egg-Drop-Soup-Stop-Motion-Video-Recipe. jpg "alt=" Bacon Egg Drop Soup[Video Recipe] #bacon #eggdrop #soup #keto #lchf #lowcarb #mynameisyeh #mollyyeh" width ="750" height=" (************************************ )"/ > In event of the marital relationship of 2 of the most soothing foods, I made a video. It’s my fist address stop movement! I have actually been permanently amused by the method common things end up being animated frame-by-frame, so it was truly enjoyable to see the components come to life! (********** )(********* )I took a seat with my young child once it was all stated and done to play her the video. Her response was invaluable: face illuminated, clapped her hands together in enjoyment and she blurted a long” cooooooooooooool!” Well worth the time moving shot by shot by shot. Love or dislike stop movement, I am one pleased mom!

For the complete dish, check out: egg-drop-soup-bacon

Big thank you to Molly Yeh for this fantastic bacon egg drop soup dish and permitting me to share it! Make sure to follow her on: Twitter, Insta, Facebook, and Pinterest! Her images are a few of the most beautiful I have actually ever seen and is absolutely worth the follow.

Bacon Egg Drop Soup [Video Recipe] #bacon #eggdrop #soup #keto #lchf #lowcarb #mynameisyeh #mollyyeh< img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image -769" src=" 2018/12/1544611101 _107 _ Bacon-Egg-Drop-Soup-Stop-Motion-Video-Recipe. jpg" alt="Bacon Egg Drop Soup[Video Recipe] #bacon #eggdrop #soup #keto #lchf #lowcarb #mynameisyeh #mollyyeh" width ="683" height ="1024"/ >

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