Baked Cinnamon Chicken Recipe – Low Carb Chicken Thighs with Mint & Coconut [Keto]

Have you ever had cinnamon on chicken? It’s an unexpected mix that provides a distinct taste. My low carbohydrate chicken thighs dish sets cinnamon with mint and coconut for a drool-worthy keto supper. I provide to you, baked cinnamon chicken!

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Baked Cinnamon Chicken Thighs Recipe - Low Carb, Keto, Healthy, Coconut Milk & Mint Sauce

The very first time I experienced the wonderful cinnamon-chicken combination was at a fourth of July cookout. This grand tasting took place years earlier, however I remember it like it was the other day. I was spending time the grill, considering the spices and spices when the cinnamon captured my eye. Sure enough, as quickly as my good friend raised the cover, he completely covered the chicken with cinnamon.

I was stunned. Believing among the bottles had actually been drunkenly switched (it was that sort of celebration), I attempted to assist. “Whoa, brother. I believe you have actually slipped up! You simply put cinnamon on the chicken!

Baked Cinnamon Chicken Recipe - Low Carb Chicken Thighs with Keto Coconut & Mint Sauce

He turned and offered me the main Do not- Be-Stupid appearance. That sufficed to keep me peaceful up until I might taste it for myself. When the chicken was prepared, I was the very first to dive in. That cinnamon chicken was the very best damn chicken I had actually ever tasted. I was blown away!

I matured in a dining establishment, I binge watch cooking reveals while the majority of people stay up to date with the Kardashians, and I invest 90% of my day in the cooking area … yet in some way a cinnamon chicken dish had actually totally left me up until that minute. I have actually invested the last years because having fun with the cinnamon-chicken taste combination in various meals. This low carbohydrate chicken thighs dish highlights the star active ingredients while matching the tastes with a fresh coconut-mint sauce.

Low Carb Chicken Thighs Recipe - Keto Cinnamon Chicken Baked with Coconut & Milk

This meal is a low carbohydrate chicken thighs dish where you can choose if you desire the skin on or off. If you like the additional taste and texture of the skin, leave it on. If you do not like the skin or you’re attempting to cut down on calories, opt for the skinless range. Both methods taste fantastic! You can likewise utilize decreased fat coconut milk to cut down on calories if required.

Baked Cinnamon Chicken Recipe - Low Carb, Keto, Coconut with Mint

Mix ground cinnamon, minced fresh mint, dried basil, and sea salt. Completely coat the chicken thighs with the mix, focusing most of the mix on the top of the thighs. If you have actually got the skin on, make sure to coat below straight on the thigh meat along with on top of the surface area.

Integrate coconut milk, chicken broth, ground cinnamon, mint, and salt in a casserole design bakeware and mix completely to coat the bottom of the meal. Pick a cooking vessel that will enable the edges of the chicken to touch while laying flat on the bottom; this will expose each chicken thigh to the coconut mix. For 6 chicken thighs, I utilize a 9 x 6-inch meal that’s 2 inches deep.

Location your chicken thighs in a casserole design bakeware with the skin side up (or meatier wind up if you went the skinless path). Bake at 425 degrees for 60 minutes, basting the cinnamon chicken thighs with coconut sauce from the bottom of the meal every 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy my baked cinnamon chicken dish!

Keto Cinnamon Chicken - Low Carb Chicken Thighs Baked with Mint & Coconut

Low Carb Chicken Thighs Recipe - Baked Cinnamon Chicken with Mint Coconut Sauce

Baked Cinnamon Chicken Dish– Low Carbohydrate Chicken Thighs with Mint & & Coconut [Keto]

Low carbohydrate cinnamon chicken baked in a distinct coconut-lime sauce

Overall Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Portions 6 Chicken Thighs
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Pat chicken thighs dry.

  3. Integrate 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, half of the mint leaves, basil, and half of the sea salt in a little blending bowl. Completely coat each chicken thigh, concentrating on the top/skin side of the meat.

  4. In a 9x6x2″ casserole-style bakeware, mix together the staying cinnamon, mint, and sea salt with the coconut milk and chicken broth. Cover the bottom of the meal with this mix.

  5. Line the meal with the chicken thighs skin side up.

  6. Bake chicken thighs for 1 hour, basting with the coconut sauce mix within the pan every 20 minutes.

To minimize fat material and calories, utilize skinless chicken thighs and/or decreased fat coconut milk.

Nutrition Realities

Baked Cinnamon Chicken Dish– Low Carbohydrate Chicken Thighs with Mint & & Coconut [Keto]

Quantity Per Serving

Calories from Fat 198

% Daily Worth *

Overall Fat22 g

Hydrogenated Fat 8g

Cholesterol110 mg

Salt496 mg

Potassium284 mg

Overall Carbs 1g

Protein18 g

Vitamin A

Vitamin C



* Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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