Keto Steamed Clams with Basil Garlic Butter [Low Carb, Gluten Free]

Can you men inform I enjoy seafood yet? There’s plainly been a shellfish pattern taking place on the website the previous couple of dishes. Now, part of this was because of our current clam and oyster harvest of legendary percentages; we have actually depended on our elbows in shellfish here! Naturally, a few of it made its method into a dish or 4 … it’s what I enjoy to do! However the other factor I have actually concentrated on keto shellfish dishes has more to do with individuals fretting about the carbohydrates in clams and oysters than what I have actually equipped in my refrigerator. So today, I have actually got a killer keto steamed clams dish coupled with the peace of mind that you can take pleasure in shellfish on an extremely low carbohydrate diet plan.

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Steamed Clams Recipe with Garlic Butter - Low Carb, Keto Shellfish Recipe

Carbs in Clams - Low Carb Steamed Clams

Clams have carbohydrates in them. Does that imply you can’t consume them on a keto diet plan? No. Eggs have carbohydrates in them. Veggies have carbohydrates in them. A lot of things have carbohydrates in them. We simply require a little context!

In 100 grams of raw clams (that’s 100 grams of the flesh, without the shell), there are just 3.57 grams of carbs.

That’s a great deal of clams! Particularly if you’re taking a look at the smaller sized, cleaner clam range. According to the USDA nutrient database, a whole pound of clams with the shell relates to just 68 grams of edible clam once the shell is gotten rid of. And that’s simply 2.43 grams of carbohydrates! Now we’re cookin’.

Let’s state you were intending to remain under 20 grams of carbohydrates daily. You would require to consume 8.23 pounds of clams with the shell on, or 1.23 pounds (55967 grams) with the shell off, to reach your carbohydrate limitation. Clams are available in all sizes and shapes, however I believe we can concur that unless you’re a competitive geoduck eater, you ‘d be hard-pressed to consume that much clam meat in one day.

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Keto Clams Recipe - Steamed Low Carb Clams with Garlic Butter and Basil

Among the outright most convenient methods to prepare clams is to steam them. If you wish to stick to the essentials, you might just utilize water to steam and take pleasure in the clams au naturel. I like to instill a little additional taste and love, love, love seafood with garlic butter.

Seafood + Garlic butter = Match made in paradise

The only thing that might make it much better is including some fresh herbs. So that’s precisely what we’re going to do!

Get a big pan with a tight-fitting cover and melt the butter down over medium heat. Toss in your minced garlic, basil leaves, and chicken broth and give a boil. Include your clams, cover, and let steam for about 7-8 minutes.

Shake the pan to coat the clams and equally disperse heat, however do not open the cover to stir. We’re steaming for Crissakes! Do not peek and keep the leading shut. Your objective is for all the shells to pop broad open; a transparent cover truly assists get the timing right ( and alleviate your burning interest)!

If you have actually done your due diligence, aka suffered the 7-8 minutes with the cover closed, the majority of the clams will pop right open. If any laggers have not opened, you can toss those out. Some individuals keep them and pry them open; I provide the ol’ heave-ho into the trash can. Similar to actually whatever on the web, there is heated argument and excellent arguments for both sides about what to do with unopened clams. It’s not that deep; do whatever feels right to you.

Now serve those tasty keto steamed clams and enjoy your shellfish!

Keto Shellfish Recipes - Steamed Clams on Keto Diet

Keto Steamed Clams Recipe - Basil Garlic Butter Sauce

Keto Steamed Clams with Basil Garlic Butter [Low Carb, Gluten Free]

Clams steamed with garlic and basil!

  • 1
    steamer-sized clams in shell
    little, ~68 g without shell
  • 3
    saltless butter
  • 1
  • 10
    fresh basil leaves
  • 1/2
    chicken broth
  1. Melt butter in big pan, one with a tight fitting cover, over medium heat.

  2. Include garlic, basil leaves, and chicken broth to the pan and give a boil over medium-high heat.

  3. Mix in clams and cover with tight fitting cover, leaving heat on medium-high.

  4. Steam for 7-8 minutes without eliminating the cover.

  5. While clams are steaming, shake pan over heat to equally coat the shellfish.

  6. Eliminate cover; if sauce looks thin, leave pan over heat without cover till sauce is preferred consistency. Optional: include an extra tablespoon of butter to the pan if preferred and fits your macros.

  7. Eliminate from heat when sauce reaches preferred consistency.

  8. Discard any clams that have actually not opened and serve instantly.

Nutrition Truths

Keto Steamed Clams with Basil Garlic Butter [Low Carb, Gluten Free]

Quantity Per Serving

Calories from Fat 72

% Daily Worth *

Overall Fat 8g

Hydrogenated Fat 5g

Cholesterol22 mg

Salt108 mg

Potassium23 mg

Vitamin A

Vitamin C



* Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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